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Aspam Foundation(orphanage services) is a small and growing charity that helps some of the most disadvantaged children in the World, working in areas largely unreached by other charities. The Trust's mission is to provide practical support, such as shelter, education and healthcare, to improve children's quality of life, advance their rights and give them a better future. For hope, no effort is too big, no need is too small.

Aspam Foundation with a very specific ethos; to keep costs low, ensuring supporters' donations go directly to children who need it. It achieves this with the help of corporate support and thanks to the generosity of its volunteers who give both their time and money. This ethos remains at the forefront of Aspam Foundation work, enabling it to offer crucial support to those that need it the most.

Aspam Foundation orphanage has a three-tier program for the children:

  • Rehabilitation,
  • Reformation,
  • Reintegration.


The first objective is to take abandoned children off the streets and give them a befitting home. Aspam Foundation structurally is a haven in every measure. The children and babies are rehabilitated under the most conducive conditions with unconditional love and excellent care. Our vision is capital intensive because we initiate and build rehabilitation centers. The hostel within these centers is called "Aspam Foundation" for orphans, abused and abandoned children brought into the mission through the police or good Samaritans. Aspam Foundation's orphanage house is home away from home for our precious saints.


This is done through Education and extracurricular activities. Education is the best investment in children. The mission is determined to help the little saints as far as they want go to in their pursuit of academic excellence.


They are reintegrated into society through adoption and fostering to deserving and loving families. There is also reconciliation to extended family members. So far the exercise has yielded great results. In the beginning we appealed through the media for people in the region to come forward to adopt but as at today the orphanage has a waiting list of adopters yearning for children.

One of our greatest achievements is the impact we have made on adoption by raising the rate of adoption in the community and by enforcing through interaction and motivation the procedures for adoption.

Longstanding services our Foundation provides to orphans include academic tutoring, psychological support and counseling, character training, academic scholarships, emergency relief, orphans' holistic care center, and overseas orphan relief. Every year, we hold a spring trip, summer camp, sports tournament for orphans nationwide, and dinner for orphans and their sponsors. Through these events, our goal is to promote greater health and happiness for orphans.

In order to achieve its objectives, Aspam Foundation is:

  • • Running orphanages, schools, hostels and child care centers in various parts of the country. Basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education at such facilities will be entirely taken of care by Aspam Foundation.
  • • Launching special initiatives and projects for underprivileged girls, orphans and displaced children from the poor and scheduled castes' families.
  • • Providing educational support and scholarships to those children who live with their families but lack financial resources for their education.
  • • Launching awareness campaigns to educate the parents of poor children.
  • • Working closely with government and private schools to create better opportunities for the children.
  • • Participating in researches and surveys to find out the root causes of children's plight in India.
  • • Lobbying with the government and other related agencies for child rights in India.

Girls Education

Aspam Believes believe that change in the world begins with Educated Children and thus the Trust is committed to focusing on two key areas where we can have the greatest impact: literacy and gender equality in education by educating girls (often the neglected portion of society).

Literacy is the cornerstone of all learning and fundamental for participation in today's global society, yet 793 million people across the globe lack the ability to read and write. That includes every medicine bottle, employment ad and ballot form they encounter. Of all the illiterate people in the world today, two-thirds are female and over 90 percent live in developing countries.

Educating girls and women is widely acknowledged as the most powerful and effective way to address global poverty. Women who finish secondary school earn more money, have smaller, healthier families, and are more likely to educate their own children—breaking the cycle of illiteracy in one generation.

Aspam Foundation partners with communities across the developing world to promote literacy and gender equality in education by establishing libraries, constructing classrooms, publishing local-language children's books, training educators and supporting girls' education. The organization believes all children deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential, and that investing in education now will pay dividends for generations to come

Aspam Foundation employ local teams which are personally invested in their nation's educational progress, and familiar with the challenges ahead. They speak the language, know the customs, and understand what it takes to implement each program successfully.